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I am Sam Wilson, a geek at heart and a part of the sys admin profession.

During my later years of high school I was fortunate enough to cross paths with NTFreenet.org. From there I was quickly down the FOSS rabbit hole. WRT54GL’s running Freifunk quickly turned into Ubuntu boxes. An intrest in PHP and MySQL followed.

After that it was a few short years before I got involved with Education in the NT and quickly shifted focus to CentOS, Citrix XenServer and OpenFiler. After completeing a RHCT and RHCE on RHEL5 the conversion was complete.

I’ve continued to specialised with Redhat Enterprise Linux. I’ve explored and am always improving my skills across other platforms including other *nix’es, OSX, Windows and SmartOS / Illumos.

I tend to be that SELinux guy in the teams I work with (Having done the exam probably helped!). I generally have a fairly paranoid security background after spending some time as a infosec consultant.

When I am not spending time with friends and family, fixing something or indulging in my steam library you may find me on a push bike.


I am lurking on IRC in a few places, leave a PM

  • irc.freenode.net - /msg cycloptivty
  • irc.the-mesh.org - /msg kahn