The lab - part 1

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I have recently stumbled across DN42 and have been fairly excited to transition my networking know how from layer 3 meshing via OLSR (back in the NTFreenet days) to now understanding more of complex enterprise networks.

What better way to learn about such things than to:

  1. Install a complex enterprise network in your own home
  2. Make sure you have outage sensitive customers on the network. Any Wife, kids or friends will usually do

And so with this in place I introduce my humble home lab.


The network is so far comprised of:

  • 2x Ubiquiti ERL
  • 2x Ubiquiti Rocket M2
  • 1x Cisco SG200-26
  • 1x Linksys SLM2008
  • 1x Fritzbox 7270 + Fritzfon DECT handset
  • 1x Asus WL500GPV2
  • 1x Netcomm NB6PLUS4
  • 1x Dovado GO + Seirra Wireless 320U

There are also some servers

  • 1x SmartOS host - 2x gbit nics plus 1x IPMI
  • 1x QNAP TS-410 - 2x gbit nics

And finally some 11 clients between wired clients, mobile clients and media devices.

Layer 1 and 2

Things a pretty boring here. You can see most of the detail already in the picture at the start of this post. None the less here is the documentation for my benifit.

I have not really found a cleaner way for this short of tables so you will have to suffer through or suggest a better alternative!



Interface Endpoint
ADSL Filter
Port 1 RocketM2-eth0



Interface Endpoint VLANS
eth0 SG200-26-ge21 lag1
eth1 SG200-26-ge22 lag1
eth2 ERL-02-eth2 NA


Interface Endpoint VLANS
eth0 SG200-26-ge23 lag1
eth1 SG200-26-ge24 lag1
eth2 ERL-01-eth2 NA


Interface Endpoint VLANS
ge1 Desktop-eth0 110UP
ge2 Desktop-eth0 110UP
ge3 NA 110UP
ge4 NA 1UP
ge5 NA 1UP
ge6 NA 1UP
ge7 NA 1UP
ge8 NA 1UP
ge9 NA 1UP
ge10 SLM2008-ge1 1UP,130T,140T
ge11 Fritz-lan1 140UP
ge12 WL500GPv2-eth0 150UP
ge13 NA 1UP
ge14 NA 1UP
ge15 NA 1UP
ge16 NA 1UP
ge17 NA 1UP
ge18 Server-ipmi0 130UP
ge19 Server-eth0 120UP
ge20 Server-eth1 130UP
ge21 ERL-01-eth0 lag1
ge22 ERL-01-eth1 lag1
ge23 ERL-02-eth0 lag2
ge24 ERL-02-eth1 lag2
ge25 RocketM2-eth0 191UP
ge26 Dovado-lan0 192UP
lag1 ERL-01-bond0 1UP,120T,150T,161T,191T,192T
lag2 ERL-02-bond0 1UP,110T,130T,140T,162T,191T,192T



Interface Endpoint VLANS
ge1 SG200-26-ge10 1UP,130T,140T
ge2 Wired Client 140UP
ge3 Wired Client 140UP
ge4 Wired Client 140UP
ge5 Wired Client 140UP
ge6 NA 140UP
ge7 TS410-eth0 lag1
ge8 TS410-eth1 lag1
lag1 TS410-bond0 140UP

In the next installment we will describe the layer 3 networks!

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