DN42 Build out

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While using just a few nodes for DN42 has been I thought for fun I would deploy a few more POP’s around the world (The HE IPv6 video on sparse allocation might have helped!).

As such I introduce a number of new changes. I’ve extended my dn42.cycloptivity.net sub domain to include a country code for each node.

  • au01.dn42.cycloptivity.net - Aspley, Queensland

    My residential crappy ADSL2+ tail with routing via Ubiquiti EdgeRouter Lite. Currently blazes at 6/0.8Mbps. Eventually will move to a FTTH 100/40 service and host AU services for DN42. In the meantime au01.dn42.cycloptivity.net will no longer provide transit. Future nodes may include a Cisco 877 and Juniper SRX110 once bandwidth improves.

au02.dn42.cycloptivity.net - Brisbane, Queensland

aut-num:   AS4242420161
as-name:   CYCLOPTIVITY-AU02
remarks:   VYOS peering from Binary Lane Brisbane, AU.
remarks:   Peering via GRE+IPSec or OpenVPN
remarks:   Public Traceroute: au02.dn42.cycloptivity.net

jp01.dn42.cycloptivity.net - Tokyo, Japan

aut-num:   AS4242420163
as-name:   CYCLOPTIVITY-JP01
remarks:   VYOS peering from VULTR Tokyo, JP.
remarks:   Peering via GRE+IPSec or OpenVPN
remarks:   Public Traceroute: jp01.dn42.cycloptivity.net

us01.dn42.cycloptivity.net - San Jose, USA

aut-num:   AS4242420162
as-name:   CYCLOPTIVITY-US01
descr:     VYOS peering from VULTR Sillicon Valley, US. 
remarks:   Peering via GRE+IPSec or OpenVPN
remarks:   Public Traceroute: us01.dn42.cycloptivity.net

de01.dn42.cycloptivity.net - Frankfurt, Germany

aut-num:   AS4242420164
as-name:   CYCLOPTIVITY-DE01
descr:     VYOS peering from VULTR Frankfurt, DE. 
remarks:   Peering via GRE+IPSec or OpenVPN
remarks:   Public Traceroute: de01.dn42.cycloptivity.net

Currently the last remaining POP to go live will be jp01. All other nodes are already alive and able to provide transit (albeit sub-optimal in some cases). At this time all nodes are providing IPv4 only. Native IPv6 is planned next.

I’ve created a brief diagram showing average RTT between each node.


I am starting to make use of the phpipam tool to track address usage.

CYCLOPTIVITY-DN42 ( has 4 directly nested subnets:

Subnet description	    Subnet	            Used	% Free	
au02.cycloptivity.dn42	    11/30   63.33		
jp01.cycloptivity.dn42	0/30	100		
us01.cycloptivity.dn42	2/30	93.33		
de01.cycloptivity.dn42	1/30	96.67	

Hopefully, I can make use of the phpipam API to create a automatic rdns tool. Tracking all the various interfaces is getting fairly tedious!

Thats all for now! If your interested in this sort of shenanigans please visit dn42.net!

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