VyOS joins DN42

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Its not quite the next blog post that I promised but what the heck. Today we are talking about my recent experiences in peering VyOS into DN42 via OpenVPN.

This should help you to form site-to-site tunnels using OpenVPN!

Generating the keys

First we need to generate a PSK to exchange with our peer. Also note that on VyOS you need to store keys in /config/auth/ or suffer key loss during image updates.

[email protected]:~$ generate openvpn key /config/auth/peer.key

After sharing the pre-shared key with your peer we move onto config.

Tunnel configuration

Your peer will likely be running OpenVPN and actually using its config file syntax. Take this file for example.

mode p2p
rport 1194
lport 1194
proto udp
dev-type tun
dev peer.example
encryption bf128
hash sha1
secret /etc/openvpn/peer.key
user nobody
group nobody
script-security 2
status /var/log/openvpn_status_peer.log
log-append /var/log/openvpn_peer.log
keepalive 10 60

Now we can convert to VyOS configuration statements.

set interfaces openvpn vtun1 encryption 'bf128'
set interfaces openvpn vtun1 hash 'sha1'
set interfaces openvpn vtun1 local-address ''
set interfaces openvpn vtun1 local-host ''
set interfaces openvpn vtun1 local-port '1194'
set interfaces openvpn vtun1 mode 'site-to-site'
set interfaces openvpn vtun1 openvpn-option 'comp-lzo'
set interfaces openvpn vtun1 remote-address ''
set interfaces openvpn vtun1 remote-host ''
set interfaces openvpn vtun1 remote-port '1194'
set interfaces openvpn vtun1 shared-secret-key-file '/config/auth/peer.key'

VyOS seems to expose most of the more arcane OpenVPN configuration statements via the set interfaces openvpn vtun1 openvpn-option command, so you should be able to match your peers configuration. By default VyOS will run the OpenVPN processes with a --ping 10 --ping-restart 60 so you can omit that.

Once configured you can run show openvpn site-to-site status to view your tunnels!

I have now provisioned a dedicated VPS with Binarylane in the NEXTDC B1 facility. From here we have a good place for DN42 transit until I am eventually connected to the NBN. Those that are interested, please feel free to traceroute dn42.cycloptivity.net.

Good luck and happy peering!

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